Cyber-Funk was a master of music in the city of Neo Tokyo. That all changed when he was sucked into his own invention, the "Funk-O-Mometer". 

Cyber-Funk is played by, true to his name, Cyber-Funk.


Cyber is a cyborg. Cybernetics cover his body, though they are covered by his red leather jacket, denim jeans, and high-tops. He has blond quiffed hair. He wears a state of the art visor over his eyes which allows him to see how powerful his enemies are. His three main weapons are his trusy keytar which shoots funky musical notes, a lazer pistol, and his energy katana.

Personality Edit

Cyber-Funk very rarely takes things seriously, even at deaths doors. He often makes obscure references to movies most people have never seen. He also has an irrational fear of robots (which are ironiclly his adoptive parents).