Deadbeat is played by Juntapp.


Deadbeat is a master of music and a nimble thief, using cybernetic implants to shoot music out of his fingers, with different effects judging on the type of music fired. However, he cannot use other weapons very well and tries to find the easiest way around any problem. He has blonde hair but colorless eyes, as he used to be a spirit. He can also be lazy, and reluctant to complete a certian objective. He is almost allways spotted wearing headphones.


Deadbeat used to be a human being until he fell down a pit, and was bitten by a rabid dog. He then died, and descended into the spirit world, where he was subject to horrible torture, as there is no music in the spirit world. He quickly devised an escape plan, creating bass out of his fingertips using cybernetic implants and propelled himself out of the spirit world and back into reality. Sometimes, however, reality fades away for him and he struggles to stay in existence as he feels the spirits calling him back.