Fantasy is also known as Dreamland, Imagination, and many other names. It is the place that everyone has been to, but almost no one has actually been there. Fantasy is the place where dreams are reality, anything is possible, and everyone has a story.

Visiting FantasyEdit

There are several ways to enter Fantasy:

  • In your dreams, you are the most attuned to Fantasy, taking on an ethereal body and exploring, sometimes interacting with, the land you appeared in.
  • When thinking of ideas, you are actually peering into this seperate dimension, often times at a character or place you have contributed to.
  • If a portal opens between the realms, it is possible to step through and physically be in Fantasy. Sometimes, one can be forced to appear in a physical form if his or her ethereal form is kept from returning to its own world.

A Darker Perspective~By SoulFireEdit

But though there can be much beauty in this world, there is also much danger. Similarly to your dreams at night, you may have nightmares. Usually, people who are here in thought will instinctively exit by fear or will of mind. If you are killed in this world, then you die. Forever. In a coma, so to speak. Also, this is a realm, as well put by scholars and those familiar with them, of dreams. Which means that it is exetremely fickle. A sheperd may dream of rolling plains and gold to spare, then of a pack of wolves who eat everything in sight. Though they may exit the realm, and feel safe, their dream still goes, on, damaging living things in Fantasy. Worse, is the particularly strong willed, who may be able to cut off that portion of the realm, locking it away in their mind. A word for the wise: Never interfere with a dream unless you or the person whose dream it is is in immediate danger. Another word, when you enter Fantasy via giant swirling portal, please move aside and replace the landing zone with a large cushion, else you will be landed on by someone, purely due to the laws of drama. (Long Story) So, stay safe, stay alive, and DON'T EVEN THINK! of manipulating dreams.