Apearance In FantasyEdit

Mal  manipulates corrupted nature and the magics of evil. Her homeland has severely altered her mental stability as well as her ability to interact with people making her thoughts apear random even when they have logic behind them. Her apearance seldom changes as she often ignores it after she reaches an aceptable state. 

-In Minecraft- She apears with brownish red hair an orange jacket and carries a white mask which she wears in battle.

-In Stickfigures-  Mal adoptes black bat-like wings and a small circlet.

-Anything Manga- Her green eyes become doe-like and she often wears a small smirk.

-'Home'- Her origins are still foggy to most but when there Mal's hair gets dull and messyer than normal.


Mal tends to be on the random side and tries to be an optimist. She enjoys confusing people and likes to scare those who get on her bad side. She isn't the most experienced fighter but often reverts to strategy aposed to brute force unless ordering around Wolf. She fails at understanding most logic but often covers it in some form of humor. Her temper can get out of hand when conflict arises however she perfers to manipulate others for revenge when needed.