Setting: Forest of Recycled Trees in Bookland. Anime.

Wolf walks up to SoulFire and smacks him awake

Wolf: C’mon! Wake up!

Cyber-Funk: Hey!

SoulFire wakes up and smacks Wolf with his staff

Wolf: Ow! Since when have you been sleeping with that?

Cyber-Funk finds a copy of Twilight and burns it

SoulFire: I knew souls can link mind control!

Wolf: SoulFire…

SoulFire: The staff? Or the books?

Wolf: No. Why are you controlling minds right now?

SoulFire: Oh, to get Cyber-Funk to kill all copies of Twilight for me… Sorry

Wolf: Ugh.*Facepalms*

SoulFire smiles

Wolf: Anyway… aren’t we supposed to be destroying that castle over there?

SoulFire: YES!

Wolf: Kay. Let’s go!

SoulFire pulls out a staff, talks to a ghost named Juntapp, and otherwise prepares for the day

Wolf busies himself creating weapons

SoulFire: Hi!

Deadbeat: Hi

Deadbeat pumps loud bass out of a portable speaker system

SoulFire smiles and starts burning the Twilight trees... Like a-Pyromanic-BOSS!

Wolf throws a sword he just created at a nearby tree, and the tree explodes into flame

SoulFire: Shvat? How? Ho?

Wolf: I’m not about to be outdone. I’m a Pyro Paladin too!

SoulFire: Good point…

Deadbeat gets lost in his bass

SoulFire: But I burn things proffessionally, for my souliken lords.

Wolf: I just burnt a tree full of Rap music!

Deadbeat's bass shatters all the glass around him, because he accidently turned the volume up too high

SoulFire: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolf: Aw. There went my Ice swords.

Deadbeat: Sorry.

SoulFire: b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but my music!