SoulFire is played by IncarnusPrimordia.


I am essentially the silent one who creeps everyone out, and beleives that actions speak for themselves.I go for ghosts, and use spirits as a magic source, so I often talk to the air, and wind up being disturbingly psychopathic, even according to the dictates of my friend Wolf. Random effects happen near me, caused by certain invisible ghosts whom I may have potential to serve. I also say things you are about to say-How?!-oh, sorry, there I go, so people don't like being around me. Uniquely, when I die in Fantasy, I turn into the guy above, because of souls solidifying around mine.


"All my friends are dead. You're not dead yet? Here, I can help you with that..."

"Yes, I look exactly like death, no matter, so will you in a few moments..."

"Yes, I just ate your soul. Why do you ask?"

"Do you like being dead? Because if you keep annoying me, then you might end up that way."

Also, in real life, the player of soulfire is a dnd fanatic, and is starting a campaign in the forgotten realms setting. If you are interested, please start or continue a discussion.


Pictures of my character: