The Forgotten Mire is the home of forgotten and abandoned ideas and dreams.

What to ExpectEdit

The Forgotten Mire is basically a large bog, similar to the Swamps of Despair from "The Neverending Story". There is a strong sense of forbidding and sadness. Most who stay too long are never seen from again, having sunk below the surface and forgotten.

The landscape is covered by fog, and trees rise from the swamp like jagged horns. There are occasional dry "islands", but most of the area is covered by at least an inch of water. There are a few signs of civilization, such as half sunken roads, and rotting bridges long since crumbled into the mire.


There are many who make their homes here, but their names and memories have been long lost. There is one notable race that has inhabitated the Forgotten Mire. The Drinklings are a sorry lot, and all communication with them is gibberish.

There is a rare type of berry that grows here, which causes forgetfulness and memory loss. This plant, called The Twisted Sleep, is often sought after by potion makers and spell casters for its magical properties. The danger of obtaining it however, makes it a very valuable item.