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Quick Overview
Name Wolf
Gender Male
Species Creator
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Appearance Blonde haired, wings, and generally tall
Personality Chaotic and random, can have serious moments as well
Magic Chaos, Fire, Ice
Representational Colour Blue
Allies/Notable Friends Mal, SoulFire, Cyber-Funk
Enemies/Notable Opponents N/A
Homeland Nighmoria

Wolf is one of the original members. He is a 13 year old boy and loves video games as much as he loves dreaming. Wolf is played by DarkWolf133.

Appearance in FantasyEdit

Wolf controls the magics of Chaos, Fire, and Ice. His fire and ice magic is blue, but, true to its name, his Chaos power constantly changes. Wolf's Chaos power causes him to change forms constantly when in Fantasy, but his regulars are as follows:

-In Minecraft, Wolf appears as a blonde haired fighter with Herobrine eyes

-In Sonic, Wolf is generally a three tailed fox with purple eyes and blue fur

-In Stickfigures, Wolf appears with blue eagle wings and short hair. Sometimes he has wolf ears as well.

-In most Manga related worlds, Wolf has giant purple and gold wings.


Wolf tends to be quite random, probably due to his Chaos powers, and is constantly looking on the bright side of life. Despite this, Wolf also has a secret belief that humans are overpopulating the world and should be terminated. He loves puns, and constantly attempts to break the 4th wall using them, but generally fails, as there is no 4th wall in Fantasy. He has also has a very strange sense of humor, and tends to be very pyromaniacal in nature. He's also a servant of Mal, and is thus quite used to being ordered around.


Wolf was the first one to enter Fantasy, followed close behind by Mal and SoulFire. He has since explored many worlds, and fallen through several rips in reality. He has always been more of the muscle for the group, using magic to boost his attacks. Despite this, Wolf is actually quite friendly and cheerful, resorting violence only when necessary.

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